Terms of Service

Purchasing A Doll

  • Inconsistency of color chosen and the resulted color can have differences. I will to match best I can but it will not be perfect.
  • Any 3D printed SLA doll may have minor discoloration in certain parts.
  • 3D printed SLA dolls are prone to powdering between the joints over time, this is not an abnormality. Please spray with MSC every now and then to avoid this problem.

Price of item reflects the possibilities of above.

Payment Plans

Layaways and installments without any interest. You can choose to either split the whole cost or put down a deposit and pay off the rest in the remainder months before shipment.

  • Layaway

    Monthy billed split payments by invoice.

    1 Month available for $100+ items
    3 Months available for $200+ items
    6 Months for $500+ items
    9 Months for $1000+ items

Terms and Conditions


If cancellations occur after partial payments have been made, the balance will not be refunded to the buyer.

Unresponsiveness and Non-Payment

After 15 days of non-payment since last invoice reciept, the order will be considered “Cancelled”, and above conditions will occur. The item will be put back into the shop.


The item purchased will not be shipped until full payment is made. I will confirm your address again right before shipment.

Final Sale

All doll sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be made.

Changes in Order

If the client desires any color or parts changes in your order, such changes will not be guaranteed to be honoured depending on the process stage that the order is in. In case that the changes are approved by Butterberry Dolls, an additional fee of $50 will apply per change.


By purchasing a doll, the buyer agrees to meet the conditions mentioned above in the "Terms and Conditions" section. If any of the clauses were violated by a buyer, they can no longer utilize a layaway plan in the future.