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Estelle SLA Printed Resin - 3 month Layaway

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Made to order with 2-5 month estimated production time. 
*****Please read the Terms and Conditions below before your purchase. By purchasing you agree to the terms listed below***** 
Height: 40cm (MSD size) 
Eye Size: this doll has custom eyes. You can buy blanks from us to customize, or order custom eyes. 
Wig Size: 7" 
Clothes: Fits MSD clothes, MSD shoes. 
Material: Strong SLA Resin. This is a 3D printed doll, so powdering in the joints is normal and not to be worried about. It can be fixed by spraying MSC sealant on affected areas once in a while. 
Colors Available: Any color under 40% darkness value. Please either choose from the options available or select custom color and I will contact you after your order has been processed.
Layaway Plans: For this doll a 3 month layaway is available free of interest. The rest of the payment will be invoiced to you 30 days after the date of your initial payment, in which you are required to pay within 15 days of invoice. Your doll will only ship after 100% of your doll is paid for. 15 days of non-payment after invoice date will result in a non-refund, and your doll will be available to purchase again. 
Returns and refunds: Returns for this product are not accepted after package has shipped. All products are final sale. Patented and Copyrighted © 2022, Derya Yildirim